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BIB 2023 Clare Valley Riesling

2023 Clare Valley Riesling - 2L

Pure Watervale Riesling- lemon & lime with soft mineral textures

Vineyard: Gullyview Vineyard, Watervale

Blocks: G11 Gullyview

Planted: 1999 & 1973

Soil type: Black and Red clay on limestone

Picking date: March 7, 2023

Picking method: Machine harvested 

Time on skins: No

Processing: Crush and destemmed

Pressing: Only take free run juice

Cooling / settling: Cold settled off dirt and heavy solids for 3 days

Fermentation: Stainless steel for 3 weeks at 18 degrees

Aging vessel: Stainless steel on fine lees for 2 months

Filtration: Sterile

Fining: No

Alc: 11.2%

pH: 3.17

TA: 6.3

SO2: 30F, 60T

2023 Clare Valley Riesling - 2L